Trời phú cho ảnh giọng hát và ban cho tui được mấy buổi chiều bình lặng , đôi khi u trời , rãnh rỗi ngồi nghe đi nghe lại cả album mà quặn lòng lên xuống .

Hard to know, maybe if I’d skim the stone, walk a different way back home, it would all make sense. Or shut my eyes, could lose myself in teenage lies. If I fell in love a thousand times, would it all make sense ?

Called you up and I could tell you just how much. No, maybe I’ll just get drunk and it will all make sense. Or if I weren’t so nice, convince my friends that you weren’t right I could promise you my heart won’t cry, but would it all make sense?

Cause I, I’ve been feeling pretty small,
Sometimes feel like I’m slipping down walls

And every line I ever get a hold it seems to break.